In-ruins residency | 2023 edition  

Finalist Discovery Prize ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM, Braga, Portugal

[Installation of “People of Clay”  at Galeria do Largo do Paço during Encontros da Imagem, September 2023

Kaghazi Pairahan - Publishing & Resistance in South Asia  

- hosted at the doubledummy Studio, during the Rencontres d’Arles 2023, made possible by Artshila

ASAP | Subtle Archives and Subversions: Akshay Mahajan on Kaghazi Pairahan byANNALISA MANSUKHAN

Aperture Portfolio Prize Runner-up 2023

Aperture Magazine |Akshay Mahajan Searches for Mumbai’s Past Lives  by  

2023 Winter Innovate Grant 

Interview: Akshay Mahajan’s Street Haunting

JIPFEST 2022  -  Jakarta International Photography Festival

[Installaion view of People of Clay at JIPFest 2022, M BLOK, Jakarta ]